Tank Repairs

The following projects are representative of the tank repair experience of the TeamMembers of Reliable Contracting Group.

Alter Fuel Storage Tanks, Hickam AFB, HI
Prime Contractor –
Owner: U.S. Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District

Construction included repairs to two (2) fuel storage tanks including installation of floating pans; install high-high and low level alarms; install service platforms; secondary concrete dike containment; restore stairs in tank area; hand operated recovery system with electrical operated pump; install tank piping in dike; construct building for existing emergency stand-by generator; perform related demolition work; replace high level control valve and float control; install roof access manway/ladder; install roof access hatch to install floating pans; cathodic protection system for issue lines.

Repair Tanks, Security Fence & Lighting, McGuire AFB, New Jersey
Prime Contractor - November 2002
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

This project consisted of installing a new lighting system and security fence, coating and repainting of fuel tanks, replacing fuel tank bottoms and ring walls, the receipt and issue pipelines, as well as building a new containment wall around the tanks. This project came about due to the deteriorating foundation supports of its three 500,000 gallon fuel tanks, aging pipes and inadequate fuel-spill containment walls. The construction of this project brought the fuel tanks, pipelines and facilities up to safety and environmental standards.

Maintenance Repair of POL Tanks, USNS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
Prime Contractor - May 2002
Owner: U.S. Navy, Atlantic Division

The project consisted of the renovation to 20 existing fuel storage tanks located at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station on the island of Puerto Rico. The renovations included cleaning, repair and recoating of concrete and steel petroleum storage tanks and incidental related work.

Repair Spill Containment Berms and Tanks, Naval Station Norfolk, Sewell's Point W Fuel Farm, Virginia
Prime Contractor - December 2001
Owner: U.S. Navy, Atlantic Division

This project accomplished the repair of five tanks and associated containment systems that were built between 1919 and 1942. Special care was required because of the riveted, seamed tanks so that construction methods did not result in new leaks around the rivets and seams. Reliable received an above average rating on this project.

Repair Fuel Tanks 1, 2, & 3, MacDill Air Force Base, DFSP, Tampa, Fl
Prime Contractor - July 2000
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville

The work included tank repairs and modifications of three existing 55,000-barrel aboveground fuel storage tanks. Tank repairs included the installation of reinforced concrete ring walls, new tank cone-down center sump floors with leak detection and under floor liner, under floor cathodic protection, shell insert plates, nozzles, miscellaneous shell appurtenances, floating pans, new fixed cone roofs, interior piping modifications, exterior piping modifications, lead and non-lead paint removal, asbestos material removal, tank and pipe painting, petroleum contaminated soil and water removal, and incidental related work.