Demolish Military Fuel System


Pope Army Airfield, Ft. Bragg, NC

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Reliable was chosen by the Omaha Corps of Engineers to design and perform the decommissioning and removal of a military fuel system with a bulk fuel loading and off-loading position; a mogas and diesel fuel dispenser; cleaning and removal of two each, 20,000 gallon, dual-wall, fiberglass, underground fuel storage tanks (USTs); a 3,800 gallon, underground, reinforced concrete oil-water separator (OWS) vault; a mogas and a diesel fuel dispenser; a fuel manager building; underground fuel piping and electrical power and control wiring conductors; concrete paving; and relocation of a 6” diameter water main. Extensive soil testing was performed under the USTs, the oil-water separator and under the above-ground and underground fuel piping and equipment. The USTs removal, the OWS removal and soil / water testing were performed by a N.C.-registered UST removal contractor with a registered professional geologist on site.

After the fuel system and other site improvements were removed, structural fill was imported, spread and compacted and topsoil was placed on the fill and seeded. Asphalt paving, removed at the oil-water separator, was also patched. The work on site was completed in twelve working days.

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