Demolition of POL Facility



Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

Reliable was chosen to perform the Demolition of the POL Fuel Storage Facility which included demolition and removal of Above Ground Fuel Tanks 0015 and 0016, POL Control Building Facility 00171, POL Pumphouse Facility 00172, CE Maintenance Building Facility 00173, Fuel Storage Chambers, Truck Load and Offload areas, Refueler parking areas, POL Office Trailer and incidental infrastructures. Demolition included draining and cleaning of the tanks, removal of residual fuel and waste, removal of PRTs, demo and removal of offloading and loading areas and associated infrastructures. Removal of site utilities, and demolition and removal of hydrant fuel transition pit to a minimum of 2′ below grade and back fill with approved materials. Removal of oil water separators, pumping facilities, loading/unloading racks, refueler parking lot, containment dikes and basin, and various buildings. Large amounts of contaminated soil and free product was encountered during the demolition process. Change orders were issued to remove the contaminated soils and fluids found. Completion included grading and sowing of grass on demolished site. The biggest challenge encountered was performing demolition during the harsh winter months.

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