Replace Fuel Tanks


Naval Station, Mayport, FL

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Demolition of four cut and cover underground fuel storage tanks with a combine approximate capacity of 12,900 m3 and the demolition of three cut and cover underground waste oil tanks with a combined approximate capacity of 2,400 m3. The first phase consisted of the demolition of three underground cut and cover waste oil tanks and one underground cut and cover bulk storage and the installation of two new aboveground JP-5 tanks and distribution systems. The JP-5 system situated at the aircraft flight line had to be commissioned prior to proceeding into the second part of the first phase, which was demolition of two additional 12,900 m3 underground tanks. Upon the demolition of all the underground tanks in this phase, three of the new above ground storage tanks, a truck unloading facility, a pumphouse and distribution system is to be completed and commissioned prior to progressing into Phase B.

Phase B consisted of the demolition of the final 12,900 m3 tank and the construction of a fourth aboveground bulk storage tank, the commissioning of the fourth tank and the recommissioning of the entire system. The project phasing was revised due to extensive and unforeseen site conditions in the form of contaimnated soil in an excess of 10,000 tons, above the government estimate. One diesel fuel marine bulk storage tank was commissioned early in order to maintain supplies for the Base’s missions and to allow us to demolish the remaining underground bulk storage tank in order to meet EPA compliance deadlines. Despite time constraints and through extraordinary efforts and coordination between all parties this deadline was met a day early.

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