Replace Jet Fuel Storage Complex


ANG Jacksonville IAP, Duval County, FL

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

The project consists of demolition of five underground fuel storage tanks (2 each 50,000 gallon, 1 each 40,000 gallon and 2 each 30,000 gallon), one off-loading station, and two fill stand locations, pumps, filtration systems, piping, miscellaneous small structures and appurtenances. A dewatering system was also needed and installed during demolition for the safe removal of contaminated water in order to allow for the removal of the existing underground fuel tank complex. The ground water in the area of the tanks was contaminated with petroleum products and had to be treated (cleaned) with carbon filtration units prior to disposal of the water per the FDEP discharge parameters. In addition, Reliable installed installed well points up to 25 feet below the ground surface and continuously pumped the ground water into frack tanks (temporary storage tanks) in order to hold water columes that might exceed the carbon filtration units’ capacities. The encountered ground water as well as the effluent from the carbon filtration units was constantly monitored for hydrocarbons and other pollutants. The soil was excavated to the bottom of the subgrade elevation. Over 7,000 tons of contaminated soil was tested, removed and disposed of in accordance with FDEP regulations. Once all tanks were removed and destroyed, tank closure reports were subitted to the State of Florida (Jacksonville office) Environmental Quality Division (EOD) for formal approval. Once all work was complete, the area was fine graded and restored.

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