Replace Jet Fuel Storage Complex


NAS Kingsville, TX

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Following our construction on the new JP-8 fuel facility, Reliable also demolished the existing facility consisting of four, 13,500Bbl cut and cover and one above ground 7,300Bbl fuel tanks, truck offload facilities, refueler loading facilities, fuel distribution system, lab buildings and other miscellaneous structures. Contaminated soil and free petroleum product were encountered during excavation and removal of the four USTs at the existing fuel farm facility area. Lead based paints and asbestos containing materials (ACM) were also found during the demolition of the fuel piping system and storage tanks. The projects had several differing site conditions including a substantial amount of existing underground piping; old, abandoned fuel lines found to contain traces of product; remnants of old railroad spurs; and large concrete foundations. Reliable Contracting Group worked closely with the contracting authority to negotiate relevant contract changes and coordinated with subcontractors to perform the work in a timely manner, keeping the project on schedule.

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