Bulk Fuel Storage Facility


Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Cape Canaveral, FL

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

Design and Construction of a new bulk fuel storage facility at Cape Canaveral AFS, Florida. The facility included five (5) aboveground fuel storage tanks, two (2) each truck offloading positions and truck fillstands for both JP-8 and diesel fuels. The project included ATG systems for the storage tanks with readout panels located in the operations building. Concrete tank containments were constructed for the aboveground fuel storage tanks. The fillstand, offload and truck parking areas were provided with trench drain systems that discharged into two (2) separate field constructed concrete containment basins. A small 700sf operations building was provided with office spaces, lounge, workshop, storage area, restroom and metal roofing. A refueler parking area with five (5) parking spaces was constructed near the southern part of the site, and POV parking was provided near the operations building; Vehicle entry and exit drives, site lighting, building and fueling equipment grounding systems, lightning protection system, fire alarm system, telephone system, and utility connections, truck fueling position servicing areas, a new generator with transfer switch and site fencing with motorized truck gates.

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