CDIA RAMP E Expansion. LAV, GSE Fueling Facility


Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Charlotte

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Reliable served as the fueling subcontractor only for the installation of a fuel system for the new Ground Support Equipment Fueling Facility (GSE) along the north western side of Ramp “E”. Features of our work included the installation of a new Jet A, Mogas and Diesel fuel systems.

The Jet A system was comprised of a new above ground and below ground 12″, 10″, and 4″ carbon steel, internally lined, externally coated fuel pipe, a 12″, 3600gpm emergency flow shut off valve, cathodic protection, (4) new truck fill positions complete with 600 gpm flow control valves, ball valves, fuel meters, surge tanks, unloading hoses, low point drains, thermal relief pipe, Scully overfill and ground verification systems, fuel line excavation and backfill, radiography of welds, and system testing/flushing/commissioning.

The Mogas and Diesel systems were comprised of a new, 12,000-gallon, dual wall, horizontal, UL 142 / UL 2085 fireguard fuel storage tank. The tank consisted of a 4,000-gallon Mogas compartment and an 8,000-gallon Diesel compartment complete with manways, emergency vents, interior and exterior coatings, NACE inspection, automatic tank gauge panel for inventory and leak detection, catwalks and platform for access. These systems also included new above ground carbon steel, internally lined, externally coated fuel pipe, new underground dual wall flexible fuel pipe to each transition sump, a new dual fuel dispenser, valving, positive displacement meters, tank overfill prevention, submersible turbine pumps for both Mogas and Diesel, underground fuel line leak detection systems, loading hoses for both fuels, dispense sumps, and a Fuel Master 2500, Management System complete with personal computer and software.

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