Replace Pumphouse and Truck Fillstands


Biggs Army Airfield, Ft. Bliss TX

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Best Value Award to construct a JP8 fueling system including above ground storage tanks, gas stations, truck offloads, truck fillstands and pumphouse at Biggs Army Airfield, TX. In addition, two remote Range Sites were awarded in New Mexico where work at these sites mirror each other and include (1) each 50,000 gallon and (1) each 20,000 gallon factory fabricated double wall above ground JP-8 fuel storage tanks with secondary containemnt dikes, leak detection and level gauging and alarms; fuel distribution piping system, truck offloads, truck fillstands, dispenser station with overhead canopies; product recover tanks and an Administrative Building. This project provides all demolition, site improvements, utilities, pavements, security fencing with gates, emergency generator, area lighting, fire protection and communications support.

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