Replace Fuel Tanks


Naval Station, Mayport, FL

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

The work consisted of the construction of two 6400 m3 Jet Fuel Marine (DFM) aboveground storage tanks (Tanks 1 and 2), two 2400 m3 Jet Fuel (JP-5) aboveground storage tanks (Tanks 3 and 4), pump house, fuel piping distribution system, approximately 1180 meters of paved patrol road, refueler truck parking area, facility access roads, concrete containment areas, oil/water separators, and all supporting utilities.  In addition, two new 57 m3 horizontal aboveground JP-5 fuel storage tanks (Tanks 5 and 6), fuel distribution pumps and piping at the existing flightline refueler truck rack, including all supporting utilities associated with this fuel storage facility and incidental work.  The work also included the demolition of four cut and cover underground fuel storage tanks (Tanks 201, 202, 203, and 204) with a combined approximate capacity of 12900 m3.  In addition, demolition of three cut and cover underground waste oil tanks (Tanks 99, 100 and 101) with a combined approximate capacity 2400 m3, also included in the project was the removal and disposal of asbestos, petroleum contaminated soil and lead paint.

The project was designed to be completed in two phases allowing the Government to maintain capability for the refueling of naval vessels and limited capacity refueling of aircraft.  The first phase consisted of the demolition of three underground cut and cover waste oil tanks and one underground cut and cover bulk storage tank and the installation of two new aboveground JP-5 tanks and distribution systems. The second phase consisted of the demolition of the final 12,900 m3 tank and the construction of a fourth aboveground bulk storage tank, the commission of the fourth tank and the recommissioning of the entire system.

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