Replace Jet Fuel Storage Complex


NAS Kingsville, TX

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Construction of a new JP-8 fuel facility to include three aboveground 20,000 bbl vertical, welded-steel storage tanks (with fixed roofs, floating pans, automatic tank gauging system, high and low level alarms, cathodic protection and secondary containment, tank coatings, tank containment dike with concrete walls and flexible membrane liner. The fuel distribution system included 2,345 feet of pipe, two refueler loading and three skid mounted truck offloading stations, 1800 gpm capacity pump house, pump control system, and Class 1, Div 1 wiring. Additional components included refueler parking, operations/laboratory building, storm drain system including oil/water separators, fencing, lighting, new electrical power, paving, utilities and other miscellaneous items.

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