Fueling Facility Repairs


Camp Atterbury, IN

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

Design and Construction of fuel system improvements to the Bulk Storage Area, Retail Fueling Point and Operations Building. Construction of a new Operations Building complete with interior finishes, blast resistant tempered glass windows, interior plumbing, toilet accessories, fire extinguishers, electrical and HVAC system. Repairs to the EFSO System throughout the retail facility were performed; New 20,000gal underground fuel storage tank installed complete with installation pump and concrete curbing containment, issue filter separator with float control valve, pressure gauge, bottom loading pantograph, temperature compensated meter,  truck fill stand control valve with dead-man, pump controls, flow switch, overfill protection and ground verification and appurtenances. At existing Tank 2, contractor replaced pump, tank flange and recertfied tank; provided issue filter separator with float control valve, repair to pressure gauge, replace the top loading pantograph, provided temperature compsenated meter, truck fillstand control valve with dead-man, repair pump controls, repair flow switch, provide overfill protection and ground verification; Repair of truck offload/fillstand paved area. Remove and replace concrete surfacing above Tank 2 existing pump flange. Removal of underground sumps and sump sensors, removal of concrete islands, removal of undergound fuel piping from the tank to the dispensers and bollards for each JP-8 and MOGAS dispenser. Project also consisted of demolition of existing operations building, abandoning in place of Tank No.1 – a 20,000gal underground storage tank, cleaning and disposing of waste cleaning fluid and filing with grout slurry fill, and demolition of concrete above the tank; demolition and removal of the existing oil water separator at the bulk site. Exterior site work included repairs to existing concrete sidewalks and installation of new security fence with two double-swing gates, one personnel gate and appurtenances.

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