Fueling System Improvements


NAS Pensacola, FL

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

This project provided for the design and repairs to the existing fuel system and infrastructure at Fillstand Facilities 1879 and 1880, which included replacing the two fillstands at Loading Island No. 3 and one fillstand at Loading Island No. 4, repairs/replacement of the canopies; installed new concrete containment curb and pavement, new emergency shower and eyewash, new product recovery tank and associated piping, pump and level alarm; removal of Truck Fillstands at Loading Island No. 1, replaced with two new truck fillstands at Loading Island No. 2, replacement of canopy covering fillstand equipment, and replaced/repaired damaged or settled concrete at facility, including associated bollards; installed new emergency shower and eyewash, new pump and level alarm at the existing product recovery tank.  Replaced hand held operated valve with new control valve with deadman, replaced pressure reliefs, Victaulic couplings with new fittings and piping, and relocated meters, meter providing connections and on/off switch from Facility 1880 Loading Island No. 2; also included new sampling point at hot refueling fillstand and new EPDS system; rebuilt Pump 7 and installed new seals at Pumphouse Facility 3919-3920; installed new product recovery tank, pump, level alarm, bypass piping and isolation valve.

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