Fueling System Repairs


Camp Crowder, MO

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

Upgrades to the fueling system at Camp Crowder, MO included improvements to the spill containment systems; protection of electrical equipment; relocation of the offloading position; new fire hydrants; new stairs and guardrails to the existing fuel tank for safer access; overfill protection; piping replacement; pressure relief; electrical system upgrades; and area site lighting.   Site improvements included undercutting the existing soils to achieve correct compaction, miscellaneous and structural concrete such as an electrical generator pad, bulk fuel tank pad extension and curbing, concrete for new and relocated pipe bollards, underground water line extension, ramped containment curbs at each open end of the existing spill containment paving, joint sealants and a new generator pad.  ​

​Because the base could not completely shut down fueling operations, working closely with the base fuels personnel, Reliable constructed a temporary operation by relocating their existing fueling dispenser, adding temporary fueling pipe, elelctrcial and relocated controls, re-routed the traffic pattern by placing barriers & signs, and installed a temporary / portable, drive through truck containment lane (12’ x 26’ with 12” high walls) to ensure spill containment.  This allowed the base to continue to receive and issue fuel without disruption through the construction period.

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