BRAC Upgrade F-16 Engine CIRF 183rd Fighter Wing


Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Springfield, Illinois

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

This Best Value Award is to upgrade an existing F-16 maintenance hangar facility and convert it into a Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility (CIRF). First floor upgrades include approximately 26,000sf of upgraded hangar/workspace and approximately 13,700sf of upgraded latrines, break room, tool storage and sheet metal work. Second floor upgrades include approximately 5,100sf of upgraded training/computer lab, latrines, break room and office space. Incidental upgrades include additional heat and improved lighting within the engine work area, adding full, wet-pipe fire suppression to the entire facility, and miscellaneous repairs. The existing two-ply system roof was removed and replaced with 28,800sf of standing seam metal roofing along the barrel section of the building. The flat areas to each side of the barrel were installed with 19,800sf of TPO roofing.

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