Renovations to Naval Hospital


USNS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

The work in this project included demolition, renovation and new construction spread throughout twelve construction phases and involved over twenty-three owner moves allowing the hospital to be fully functional throughout the renovation and new construction processes.  The replacement of the failing emergency power system involved an alternative primary feeder from the substation on base to the hospital, new pad-mounted transformer and double ended switch gear, emergency power system, ground fault protection, emergency generators, branch circuiting, with the major equipment located in the new generator building.  The HVAC scope included replacement of the existing chillers and controls, pumps and piping systems.  Other work included replacement of the existing air handling units including construction of three roof top penthouses, replacement of the entire HVAC ductwork and exhaust systems, which included new DDC control systems.  Existing steam and hot water boilers, associated pumps and piping systems including distribution throughout the building were replaced. The medical gas system including equipment and alarms was replaced, all in accordance with the NFPA 99 requirements. The project provided a new fully automatic, wet-pipe sprinkler system, which provided total coverage for the entire facility.  Correction of various life safety code deficiencies throughout the facility as well as correction of national electric code deficiencies, replacement of the lightning protection system, fire alarm system, central paging and clock system was included.  Upgrades were made in order to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements.  Abatements such as asbestos, lead-based paints, mercury and PCB’s were met and performed in accordance with the local EPA requirements.

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