U.S. Army Reserve Center


Fort Buchanan, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

The project consisted of site preparation for and new construction of a five (5) building – command, operations, storage, education, and assembly – Reserve Center complex for the United States Army Reserve.  All of the buildings in the complex were interconnected by covered walkways or a bridge between the two-story buildings.

The project required extensive site work that included hard surface roads, driveways, parking areas, walks, site grading, subsurface utilities, and landscaping. The actual building construction included concrete slabs-on-grade, poured concrete exterior and interior walls, structural steel, metal floor and roof decks, long span steel joints, composite roof insulation, structural standing seam metal roofing, hollow metal doors and frames, aluminum windows, hardware, interior finishes, plumbing, fire protection, air conditioning, electrical systems, lighting, and communication-alarm-signal systems.  The project also had extensive modular office furniture systems installed.

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