Replace Fuel Pipeline


​Minot AFB, ND​

Contract Method

​Design / Bid / Build​

Project Description

​This project was for the installation of a 7,100LF underground, single wall, coated carbon steel fuel transfer pipeline and 500lf of underground fuel offload pipeline. Since the project was awarded in the month of June; the North Dakota construction season generally ends in October each year. While equipment, materials, etc. required up to 20 weeks for delivery, we could not start installation of the project until the following spring construction season. As such, in order to help expedite the construction process, we gained the customers approval to perform all of the site investigations in October so as to work out conflicts and design any modifications (that may be required) during that winter while awaiting the construction start. The time lost to winter weather conditions was mitigated when we mobilized the site in March, by having all materials, plans, submittals, equipment, prepared or on site, organized and ready to install. We doubled our crew size and worked each end of the project simultaneously in order to meet our project deadlines. The work also included the evacuation, cleaning, grouting and permanent closure of the existing 12,000 lf of 10” fuel transfer pipeline once the new system had been accepted. Supporting features of work included cathodic protection and all supporting infrastructure including pig issue/receipt facilities. contaminated soil stockpiling and disposal and extensive dewatering was encountered. Close coordination was needed with the base airfield manager since the abandonment of the existing pipeline ran very close to the active flight line and runaways.

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