Transfer Line Repairs


Eglin AFB, FL

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

The project includes the design and construction of a highly complex, multi-phased installation of a new Jet A F24 transfer pipeline across Eglin AFB from FAC 772 to FAC 92 and FAC 33 rd consisting of seven separate (Trenchless excavation) slurry micro-tunnel casings under active runways and taxiways totaling 3,630 LF. Eight separate horizontal directional drill bores under main base access roadways totaling 1,200 LF. Approximately 21,200 LF of underground, double wall, 8-inch carrier within 12-inch casing Jet-A F24 fuel transfer pipeline. Multiple LPD / HPV and valve pits including both aircraft load rated and with rolling pit covers. The installation of approximately 1,100 LF of aboveground, single wall, 8-inch carrier Jet-A fuel transfer pipeline. New cathodic protection system including deep-well anode and rectifier, new leak detection system to monitor double-wall pipeline interstitial space. Phased environmentally compliant closure of existing fuel transfer line and appurtenances totaling approximately 27,000 LF. Pipeline cleaning, flushing and pigging prior to the final pipeline geometry of completed pipeline via ultrasonic tool “Smart Pigging”. Environmental sampling and testing (including strict compliance with removal, handling, manifest, transport, and disposal of contaminated materials) to include ACM, LBP, contaminated soils and ground water and a new concrete containment pad at the bulk pump shelter class 1, Div. 1 new electrical, extensive demolition work involved during phasing.

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