API 653 Tank Repairs – Tank 28


Robins AFB, Georgia

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

The scope of work included installing a new tank bottom on a 42.5 foot diameter API 650 fuel storage tank in accordance with API 650/653, AW 78-24-27, and UFC 3-460-01. A new tank bottom was installed, including new interstitial FML liner, interstitial sand bedding, interstitial leak detection system, and impressed current tank bottom cathodic protection. The issue nozzle, receipt nozzle, low suction nozzle, water draw-off nozzles, lower shell manways, and intermediate manway were raised to accommodate the new floor height. The internal receipt diffuser was modified so that it terminated 4 inches above the tank floor, the interior issue piping was modified to extend to ½ the tank radius and to provide an anti-vortex plate, and the interior low suction piping was replaced with new 4 inch piping. All internal pipe supports were replaced with new supports that meet AW 78-24-27. Tank stairs were replaced with a new hot dipped galvanized stair stringer, tread, and guard/handrail system that meets AW 78-24-27. The roof manway and perimeter inspection hatches were replaced with new manway and hatches that meet AW 78-24-27. New aluminum slotted stilling wells were installed for the ATG, manual gauge, and water/temperature probes.

The exterior issue, receipt, and low suction piping was modified to accommodate the new nozzle heights. The low and high level alarm systems were replaced with new stainless steel systems that meet AW 78-24-27. A low level alarm sensor was added to the system, which also included replacement of the existing level alarm annunciator panel, and modification of the pump control panel, software, and annunciation.

Interior coating repairs were performed in accordance with UFGS 09 97 13.17 and external coating repairs were performed in accordance with UFGS 09 97 13.27. The tank was strapped and PE stamped strapping charts were provide. All repair work was inspected by an API 653 inspector, and a final API 653 report was provided.

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