API 653 Tank Repairs, Tanks 400, 402 & 403


Grissom ARB, Indiana

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

The scope of work included making the necessary repairs for Tanks 400, 402, & 403 at Grissom ARB, Indiana in accordance with API 653. The existing tanks are 60 foot diameter and 32 feet high. Repairs included remove and replace tank bottoms; Provide concrete ring-wall foundations; Remove the existing geodesic dome and roof platform, and replace with a new steel fixed roof and roof structure; Repair containment area liners; Complete replacement of the internal tank coating system including new floor, existing shell, and new roof and structure; Repair to tank exterior coatings, including full 3 coat system on the new roof, repair of modifications to the shell, and full maintenance overcoat to the entire exterior shell; Repair tank level alarms; Repair tank stairs; Repair manways; Provide low suction piping; Provide thermal relief piping; Provide water draw-off tanks; Repair stilling wells; Repair interior issue piping; Repair receipt piping; Provide anti-rotation cables; Replace internal floating roof; Replace mechanical tape gauge; Provide tank identifiers; Provide tank strapping charts; Perform hydrostatic testing; Perform non-destructive examination in accordance with API 653; Provide final API 653 inspection report.

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