Bulk Fuel Storage Tank


Pope AFB, NC

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

Construction of a new 55,000 Bbl fuel storage tank, interior and exterior coating of the tank, full containment of the tank during the coating process, installation of an aluminum pan floating roof system in the new tank, installation of a new underground fuel piping system, removal, repair, and reinstallation of a 50 hp fueling pump, new ATG gauging system for the new tank, mass excavation to allow the building of an overflow containment area with HDPE liner with a 4” concrete cover and building of a containment area around the new fuel tank with HDPE liner with a 4” concrete cover, erection of a 7’ high by 500 ‘ long sculpted block retaining wall, new asphalt road with concrete curbs, two 80’ directional jack and bores under existing railroad tracks, forming and pouring of a 100’ diameter by 16” thick by 5’ high ring wall.

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