Fueling Facility Repairs


Fort Campbell, KY/TN

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

This design build project includes 3 separate sites to bring Bulk Tanks 207 & 307, Oasis Tank 7205 and Saber Tank 6624  into compliance with API 653 and applicable design criteria and standards provided.  The work included cleaning and gas freeing the tanks prior to work beginning.  In addition, the work included significant tank coating repairs, pipeline coating repairs, containment repairs, tank grounding repairs, replacement of water draw off systems, repairs to tank stairs, adding new davit arms to existing manways, providing high level alarms, low and low-low level alarms systems, a new level alarm panel, repairs to cathodic protection, replacement of thermal relief piping, threaded connections and roof vents; provided internal access ladder, replacement of perimeter handrails and repairs to stilling wells, repairs to internal floating roofs, installation of DBB valves and mechanical tape gauge, and repairs to interior piping and tank grounding systems.  In addition, once all work was complete, API 653 Inspection Reports were provided.  The tanks could not all be out of service at the same time, so the worked was phased so that only 2 tanks were out of service at the same time.  All of the repair work was done in accordance with the AW 78-24-27 standard and API 650/653.

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