GE Aviation


Peebles, OH

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

Working as a subcontractor for Burns McDonnell, Reliable assisted in the design, furnished and installed a new 250,000gal fuel tank in accordance with API 650, including floating steel pan, tank liner with sand bedding and leak detection pipe under tank, and cathodic protection.  Our work also included a new foundation / ring wall for the fuel tank, new fuel piping, valves and equipment, concrete trench, concrete foundations, pipe supports, steel pipe bollards, pipe cross-over stairs, highway type steel guard railing, pipe coatings, tank coatings, earthwork, demolition of mechanical and storm sewer, aggregate surfacing drive to and around the new fuel tank, and hydro-seeding.  Additionally our scope included a new oil water separator including accessories, demo of existing OWS, replacing concrete pads, excavation, shoring dewatering, changing tank manways, and adding a jib crane over tank roof manway.  Underground fire protection was added as a modification.

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