API 653 Tank Repairs – Tank 5025


Joint Base Andrews, MD

Contract Method

Design / Build

Brief Project Description

The scope of work included the design and repairing of tank deficiencies to bring tank into compliance with API 653 criteria and DoD AW 78-24-27 standards.  Work included installing a new second bottom by slotting the tank shell; installing a new secondary FML liner, leak detection system, and new sand cushion under the new tank floor.  New foundation ring wall extensions were required around the new leak detection wells.   A new impressed cathodic protection system was installed.  In addition, the work included replacing IFR seals; repairing tank coatings, repairing the roof handrail, modifying the internal issue, low suction, stainless steel receipt & thermal relief piping including pipe supports;  adding a new internal ladder roof access hatch, adding new perimeter inspection hatches, stilling wells, a new water draw-off system, level alarms and tank grounding. Minor repairs were made to the existing concrete dike at failed areas as well as providing new containment area sealants. All existing carbon steel hardware was replaced with stainless steel hardware; a new mechanical tape gauge was installed.  Once all repairs were made, we performed a hydrostatic test and  provided a tank strapping chart; API 653 inspection report and tank data plate.

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