Replace Pumphouse and Truck Fillstands


Moody AFB, GA

Contract Method

Design / Bid / Build

Brief Project Description

The project consisted of phased replacement of the existing pump shelter and truck fillstands with a new 2,400gpm Type III Hydrant System consisting of Pump House with 5 each- 600gpm Pumps and 5 each- 600gpm Issue Filter Separators with new Truck Fillstands consisting of 4 each- 600gpm Truck Fillstands covered by a full canopy. A new remote Receipt Filtration System consisting of 2 each- 1,200gpm Receipt Filter Separators downstream of the existing truck offloading systems was also proved; new Heavy-Airfield Pavements, site improvements, and utilities for the new system, and demolish the existing pump shelter and truck fillstands. New Issue and Return pipelines from existing operating tanks to include API Std 653 nozzle modifications to support the new pump house.

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